Blog #5

Word of Mouth Communication

Word of mouth is when people share information about products or services to others. This can have a positive or negative effect on businesses. With some of the biggest sales of the season happening this past week, many people have been looking at products and sifting through reviews. Those with the most reviews, whether good or bad, have the biggest impact. It’s crazy to know how much we trust complete strangers across the world to give us good information on products. However, it can be even more comforting when you hear someone you trust talking about a product.

I have had the opportunity to do an on-campus internship through BYU to help a company build their social media. One way to build awareness is to do giveaways. My group and I had two giveaways to do during the semester but decided to keep them until closer to the holiday season. We posted the first giveaway, left it up for 72 hours, and only ONE PERSON participated. It was a total flop. We came back as a group and discussed what we could do better. We realized we should extend the length of the giveaway, make sure to post about it every day, and make the entry easier for people to participate. I knew this time that I would not miss the opportunity to share it on my social media. I was determined to spread the word. I even told my TA about the giveaway during a group meeting for the class. This made all the difference. Within 24 hours we had over 300 comments of friends tagging each other on our post, which is a huge improvement.

There is power in word of mouth communication. We should never underestimate the impact that we can make by sharing our thoughts, opinions, interests and passions.  

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