Blog #4

Owned Media

With Christmas right around the corner, I find my mind wandering to my family’s holiday traditions. They’re filled with decorating for Christmas, secret Santa with siblings, special breakfasts, and more. These family traditions are extremely important to me. My favorite tradition is making a warm Christmas treat and snuggling up on the couch with my mom to watch a Hallmark movie. We love to do this as often as we can during the holiday break.

One thing that I’ve noticed over the years of this tradition is during every commercial break the first advertisement to come up is for Hallmark itself. I realized this is an example of owned media. Owned media is when a company advertises its own products on their platforms. As Hallmark continues to advertise their movies, shows and products on their own channel, they are participating in owned media. This is a great advertising plan for Hallmark as it holds the audience’s attention and keeps them coming back to view more of their movies. I can remember multiple times that I was going to skip the commercials and my mom would shout to wait for the Hallmark ads to finish so she would know what upcoming movies to record. Hallmark knows the power of owned media.

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