Blog #3


As I’ve learned about social networks, I have thought a lot about how we are each connected to one another through various ways. Certain people play a vital role in linking others together; they are connectors. A connector, also known as a hub, is a person with numerous relationships that works to bring others together in a network.

A great example in my life of a connector is my roommate. She is an extremely charismatic person and loves to meet new people. One day she came up to me and told me about a photographer friend that she had who was looking for models for one of her photoshoots. My roommate said that it would be a wonderful opportunity to get professional photographs and continued to list more friends who had gotten their wedding photos done by her. I decided to give it a shot and messaged the photographer on Instagram about the model call. The next day she messaged me and said that she would love to have me model for her. Because of the connections that my roommate had I was able to have this wonderful opportunity to meet new people and build relationships that I wouldn’t have on my own.

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