Blog #2


Self-presentation is a theory that discusses that we are always putting our best foot forward and presenting our best selves to our audiences. This can be done in many instances online and in person. A person can scroll through Instagram, twitter, or Facebook and see different influencers showing people what they should look like, or what activities they should be invested in. This quickly creates an idea of what the “ideal person” should be. People mold so quickly into what they believe their audience wants them to be.

A great example in my life is this blog post. I’m writing this with Professor Richards and other communication board members in mind. As I write this, I want to make sure that I am being professional, interesting, and fitting into what they believe would be a “good” communications graduate. Do I have to be exactly like everyone else? No. Am I still trying to achieve presenting my best self? Absolutely! I believe that it is important to remember that self-presentation is not always a negative thing. It is easy to see things on social media that can cause thoughts of comparison and feelings of self-doubt. However, when self-presentation is done gracefully and truthfully, others can see it and use it to their benefit and individual growth.  

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