About Me

Hi, I’m Erin! I was born and raised in Utah, I’m an avid crafter, and absolutely love spending time with family and friends. Below you’ll find more about me, my family and my hobbies!

This is my family! I have three older sisters, two in-laws, and one little brother. We love spending time together playing games, making food, and watching movies (when we can agree on what to watch of course!)

Just when we thought our family wasn’t exciting enough, our sister gave us a surprise…well, four surprises!! These precious boys joined our family in November and we haven’t stopped loving over them since!

Even though we’re months away from being able to see these precious boys in person, we love getting their pictures. They’re growing more each day, and we already know they’ll be trouble when they’re older. Even with only being a few weeks old they found ways to keep their nurses on their toes.

I served my mission in Indiana, Indianapolis. It was there I learned to love Hoosiers, Cajun food, humidity, and of course my Savior. I will never forget the people that I was able to meet and the impact they had on my life. Indiana helped me become who I am, and reminds me to always strive to be better.

A picture with my favorite mission car. Known mission wide for being “as blue as the waters of baptism”

This is my third year at BYU and I couldn’t be more grateful for the memories and relationships that I have gained! My friends have always been there to support me through the thick and thin and I’m truly blessed to have them in my life.

My roommates and friends from my ward.
My best friend Jordan
Cheering on the Cougs during the rainy Boise State game 2019.

I absolutely love crafts and expressing myself through art. Whether it be floral design, creating personal gifts for friends, or messing up my mother’s kitchen with another Pinterest recipe, I am all for it. One of my favorite forms is baking! I believe every occasion is the perfect occasion to bake a cake.

Chocolate Biscoff Cake
Caramel Banana Oreo Trifle
Pina Colada Coconut Cake